The news media play a significant role of reporting the third world

As we all know, Ethiopia experienced a very dark period thirty years ago, especially in Tigray province that suffered the pain of famine. The BBC’s Michael Buerk described this place as “the closest thing to hell on earth”. However, as time goes by, local people are making every effort to turn a part of the desert into green place by using traditional techniques.

The local people, male and female as long as over 18 years old, they will have a compulsory community labour that probably last 20 days. They use various tools such as pick, shovels and iron bars to construct terraces in order to collect more rain water. As a consequence, people in Tigray have made a success because they have changed a whole barely maintain into terraces. It is admitted that they make a miracle.

However, although people in Tigray deal with water shortages in some way, they are still facing up with electricity problem. As far as I am concerned, this report from the BBC is objective because it not only reports an achievement that they make but also tell audiences what the problem is nowadays.

Just like Escobar (1994) thinks the countries in the third world have developed rapidly and they need help but also they should be self-reliance. Moreover, news media organizations may put more attention to development of the third world to report it for the whole world.

Note: Escobar, A. (1994). Encountering development: the making and unmaking of the third world. New Jersey, NY: Princeton University Press (Introduction + Chapter 1)

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