News sometimes glossed over the reality

As most news media organizations report, Ethiopia has developed quickly like a rocket. A great deal of readers think Ethiopia has changed a lot according to news from the media. However, when someone actually comes to Ethiopia and finds that it is very different from the reports.

The government of Ethiopia implements a lot of policies and takes many actions (such as supplying cheaper labor in order to attract more investments from foreigners and strengthening cooperation with neighbors and so on) to increase its economy.

Indeed, these actions do increase their economy and quality of life of Ethiopian to some extent. Nevertheless, some bloggers go to Ethiopia and find a lot of building are empty, and many Ethiopia still are facing up living problems–no jobs and no home. Because the government wants to offer more land to foreign companies so local residents are drove out their homeland.

Therefore, it seems that Ethiopia has made a success to improve the standard of Ethiopians’ life. In fact, there are plenty of issues and glosses in Ethiopia. In my view, journalists have responsibilities for the audiences to reflect a real world rather than ignore or exaggerate the truth.

In the information age, it is easier to transmit news from one website to another and journalists can get information even do not need to go outside. Just because of this, journalists should make every effort to report objective news rather than quote news from other news media organizations (Berglez, 2008).

Note: Berglez, P., 2008. What Is Global Journalism? Journalism Studies, 9(October 2014), pp.845–858.

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