Ethiopia Rises, but Challenges Remain

For a good while, Ethiopia was related to famine and hell as long as we mentioned it. Most of people in the world still cannot forget heartbreaking images of bony and malnourished children, male and female of this land.

Nowadays, Ethiopia almost can represent the power of ‘Africa Rising’ due to the dramatic development of the economy. From this report, we can find that the writer analyze the reason how Ethiopia gets the quick increase of economy, and there are two reasons:
  • The first one is country’s stability–Ethiopia has kept a stable structure of governance for 20 years. By contrast, the countries around Ethiopia are always being racked on a treadmill of political instability, such as Sudan and Egypt.
  • Secondly, the principle of the development of economy in Ethiopia is poverty reduction rather than economic growth. It attracts a lot investments from foreigners to get a win-win consequence.

From my perspectives, there is a different news angle between the news media organizations from western countries and African counties. This report is from and it just talks about the success that Ethiopia has made recently, although it wrote some challenges. Its news angle tends to report positives in Ethiopia.

However, like other blogs I have posted, some news organizations in western countries prefer to focus on raging war, violence or problems in Ethiopia. Berglez (2008) thinks journalists’ job is tell us what happened in the world but different new media organizations from different religions have different standpoints according to one event.

Note: Berglez, P., 2008. What Is Global Journalism? Journalism Studies, 9(October 2014), pp.845–858.

Read the full article at


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