News Media portrayed poverty exists stereotyping

I am always to find out positive changes that Ethiopia is going through such as their economic growth, a large flow of foreign investment or the development of new industries, and ignore what the true life that Ethiopians are living. Depending on this report from The Guardian, we can find that not all Ethiopians can accept these changes. Instead, the government even started using violence to threat their natives to get away from their homeland.

There is a long faced criticism that thousands on thousands of people in Ethiopia are forced relocating from their ancestral homes to keep out of the way for large-scale commercial land, which is good for foreign investors. These natives who moved to purpose-built communes will not enjoy a lot of basic social services. A native interviewers said ” last year, we had to move.The promises of food and other social services made by the government have not been fulfilled.”

Ethiopians think it is not development because investors destroy their lands and environment. Indeed, these things happened because the Ethiopian government did not regulate the relationship between Ethiopians and foreign investors and at the same time the government has not fulfills their promises. In addition, the government pays attention to economic development while ignore the interests of the residents.

As far as I am concerned, the news media portray poverty express two sides–positives and negatives. Generally, the news media prefer to regard the poor people as victims and compare them with the authority because of stereotyping (Clawson and Trice, 2000).

Note: Clawson, R. A., & Trice, R. (2000). Poverty as we know it: Media portrayals of the poor. Public Opinion Quarterly, 53-64.

Read the full airticle at


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