Ethiopia’s future is fashion forward

The official website of CNN has an international special column called Inside Africa. Recently it has taken its viewers on a journey across Africa, which is aimed to explore the diversity and distinctive cultures and countries. This week they found an interesting thing that the fashion industry of Ethiopia has changed a lot via the global fashion storm.

Indeed, there are an international supermodel and a world-famous designer. Except these, it also has a long history of textile industry. It is reported that a number of international companies have invested in Ethiopia such as H&M. A organizer of fashion magazine in Ethiopia said “I do see a trend of Ethiopian fashion going abroad ” and it used to be local not for the global market, but from then on ” it is starting to change”.

Maybe a lot of readers are curious about the development of Ethiopia because it still is one of the poorest countries in the world, and people are probably attracted by crisis or good news of developing countries. This news would meet the people’s curiosity. According to Cottle (2009) writes, we live in the global age and the news media have the capacity to help throw light on the dark side of global society and maintain the global perspective for people.

Note: Cottle, S. (2009). Global Crisis Reporting. Journalism in the Global Age. Berkshire: Open University Press/McGraw-Hill. Chapters 5 & 6.

Read the full article at


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