Chinese envoy to Ethiopia eyes enhanced Sino-Ethiopia cooperation

It is known that China and Ethiopia have been established the friendly and cooperative relations with each other for a long time. Both as the developing countries, they can support each other via commercial trade. La Yifan, who is newly appointed Chinese Ambassador to Ethiopia, expressed that he would made a contribution to flourish economic and trade co-operation between China and Ethiopia.

La also said “Ethiopia had already been designated as a priority destination of the Chinese investment in areas of manufacturing, infrastructure, and poverty alleviation”. According to blogs of the last week, we can find that the relationship between both of two countries is cooperative and competitive. To be more specific, on one hand, due to the increased production cost in China, a great number of manufacturers have moved their factories to Ethiopia, so that they are competitive; on the other hand, China as one of the fast developing countries, it has more experience than Ethiopia and can offer investments and technology to Ethiopia, such as China help Ethiopia to build 4G service to develop telecoms industries of Ethiopia.

As far as I am concerned, the most important reason that these cooperation happened is globalization. In contemporary society, not only can globalization promote the development of the economy in developing countries, but also it can the development of global journalism because of global perspectives(Barbara Adams, 1996).

Note: Barbara Adams, ‘Re-vision: The centrality of time for an ecological social science perspective’ in Lash et al (ed.) (1996) Risk, Environment and Modernity

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