Neither Friends nor Rivals are Everlasting, But Only Profits

According to BBC News reports, three leaders of African countries–Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan signed an agreement, which is about the sharing of the Nile waters and the building of a hydroelectric dam in Ethiopia.

As we all know, the Nile waters are flowing through Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt, and the upper reach of this river is mainly crossing Ethiopia. So that if Ethiopia builds the dam, it will have an impact on agriculture of another two countries. Therefore, Egypt had objected the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam because they believe that it will lead to its water shortage worse.

However, Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Halemariam Desalegn said this dam would “not cause any harm to downstream countries”, Reuters news agency reports. Finally, these countries’ leaders signed an agreement on this issue, which is based on the principle of reciprocity and mutual benefit.

A great number of news media organizations have paid attention to this event and they give a lot of space for this dam. In my view, the reason that the news media focus on this news is “a global perspective becomes part of everyday reality and a globalized present inescapably extends responsibility beyond representatives of local and national governments to the individual…” (Barbara Adams, 1996).

In addition, we can find a political principle due to this news, that is, there is no perpetual friend, nor perpetual enemy, only perpetual interest.

Note: Barbara Adams, ‘Re-vision: The centrality of time for an ecological social science perspective’ in Lash et al (ed.) (1996) Risk, Environment and Modernity

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