Parents in Ethiopia Can Save Their Premature Babies by using holding them

Hospital staff in Ethiopia encourage new parents to use ‘Kangaroo Care’ to save their premature babies. This method, which has developed in South Africa decades ago, is helping premature and underweight babies to grow with the help of skin-to-skin contact. Because incubators are rare in hospitals, and even if they are available in hospitals, the electricity supply isn’t reliable enough to keep them running. Thus, new parents have no choice but to use ‘Kangaroo Care’ to keep their baby alive.

Although, in recent years, the government of Ethiopia has taken an increasing number of measures to help mothers and babies alive, for examples, they have brought in more maternity and infant ICUs in hospitals, and they have improved the traffic from villages to hospitals. And these actions seem to be working because the mortality of infants has decreased four-fold since 1990.

According to this news, we can see that the problem of premature babies surviving in Ethiopia is still existing, and it can also turn out the difference between life and death for thousands of infants born prematurely in the developing world.
As far as I am concerned, one of the roles of journalism is reflecting issues or facts to the public from represented examples and journalists should be good at finding news or information from different sources (Berglez, 2008).

Note: Berglez, P., 2008. What Is Global Journalism? Journalism Studies, 9(October 2014), pp.845–858.

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