Reporting Neutrality about Climate Aims of Ethiopia

Kare Chawicha, who heads Ethiopia’s Ministry of Environment and Forest, was interviewed by Thomson Reuters Foundation today, and he talked about the relationship between development of economy and environment in Ethiopia. In addition, the Ministry of Environment and Forest in Ethiopia is responsible for protecting and conserving Ethiopia’s environment due to a rapidly growing economy.

Thomson Reuters Foundation reports the issues that Ethiopia is facing up with through interviewing Chawicha, and there are four environmental issues on account of development of Economy:

  • One of the issues is deforestation because of over grazing, overharvesting of plants and over wood consumption at a household level.
  • In order to development, Ethiopia is bringing in traditionally high polluting industries, such as leather, textiles and metals.
  • Owing to the growth of population in Ethiopia, an increasing number of people buy more cars for traveling and charcoal for heating.
  • Over 80% of people in Ethiopia live in rural areas and they make a living by planting that possible causes degrading soils.

From my perspectives, this interview is not only credible and reliable because it belongs to the primary sources, but also can reflect the problems that the environment of Ethiopia is facing. This media organization chooses different sides to report the development of Ethiopia. As Berglez (2008) writes that global journalism is reporting news in multi-angles rather than merely focus on one side.

Note: Berglez, P., 2008. What Is Global Journalism? Journalism Studies, 9(October 2014), pp.845–858.

Read the full article at


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