Ethiopia: Africa’s new hydropower and air hub?

There are two infrastructure projects being constructed or planned for the near future in Ethiopia–the gigantic Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), and a huge new international airport outside of the capital Addis Ababa that will be as big as London’s Heathrow.

It is known that Ethiopia is attempting to change their major economic industry from traditional agriculture to modern industry because the rate of the economy in Ethiopia has increased since 2000, and it decides to become a hydro-electric powerhouse and a regional airport hub.

Indeed, some news stories about the dam and the airport have been reported by plenty of media organization as well as my blog focusing on these two news last week. At the end of this report, it wrote that its government had drawn heavily from the authoritarian development model of China and Singapore by liberalizing the economy, and one member of Ethiopia’s 547-seat national legislature opposed the government’s programs because he thought these programs were for election.

Ruth Lister (2004) said: ‘ different groups within a society may construct it in different ways. Because of the moral imperative of poverty and its implications for the distribution of resources both within and between societies’, it is closely related to politics. As far as I am concerned, whatever the purpose of this government’s programs, it is undeniable that these projects will make a big contribution to the economy of Ethiopia.

Note: Lugo-Ocando, J. (2015). The presentation of Journalism, Globalization And Development, Lecture 2.

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